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Healthy Transportation Coalition in Ottawa


The Ottawa-based Healthy Transportation Coalition is a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, organizations and businesses working together to increase active, affordable and safe transportation choices in Ottawa. Its goal is to ensure that walking, cycling and public transit are among the priorities of Canada's capital city. Its current 4-year project focuses on increasing opportunities for vulnerable populations to travel safely and conveniently throughout the city. 

Partner organizations have been developing activities in six priority neighourhoods that were chosen because they have poor walking environments ('walkability') and high numbers of low-income families and individuals. The project's activities include:

·      organizing in communities and recruiting members of priority populations, including new immigrants and low-income individuals;

·      conducting research that identifies areas in the existing transportation network that need improvement, along with priority neighbourhoods;

·      holding webinars and workshops to educate Coalition members, the public and decision-makers;

·      creating pop-up projects in low-income communities that will demonstrate how quickly and easily infrastructure changes can be made; and,

·      launching a cargo bike-sharing program.


Ottawa, Canada



2014 - 2019

Expected Results

The 4-year project is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Increase engagement of vulnerable populations in addressing transportation barriers that prevent them from being able to participate in community life;
  • Improve the transportation and urban planning infrastructure and policy environment so that they enable vulnerable populations to safely, comfortably, and conveniently access healthy transportation options, including walking, cycling and public transit;
  • Increase the capacity of the Healthy Transportation Coalition to affect positive change that is sustainable in the long term.