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Livable Cities Niger


This program, implemented by HealthBridge partner Peaceful Roads, focuses on achieving outcomes in two main areas:

  • Pedestrian Rights - Walking is an unsafe, unpleasant experience in Niamey as there are no footpaths on most of the roads and where they do exist, they are of low quality materials,  degraded and/or occupied for other purposes. Peaceful Roads is working with local government officials and parliamentarians to adopt a Pedestrian Charter of Rights that would ensure all future development plans have specific measures to encourage walking.
  • Parks and Open Spaces - Parks are important areas for physical activity and relaxation, which reduces stress, mental disorders, and health inequities as well as air pollution. Parks also increase social cohesion and provide space for interaction between neighbours.  However, despite their many benefits, parks and open spaces have not been a priority for policy-makers in Niger.  Peaceful Roads is working with local community groups and decision-makers to better understand the quantity and quality of parks and open spaces in the city of Niamey with the intention of using this information to encourage more supportive policies.




  • Peaceful Roads



Expected Results

Increased number of pedestrian policies in the five (5) municipal development plans of Niamey;
Increased financial investment for pedestrian infrastructure in the five municipal budgets;
Increased media awareness and reporting on pedestrian issues;
Increased understanding of the availability of parks, playgrounds and plazas in Niamey;
Increased understanding of the quality of the existing parks, playgrounds, and plazas in Niamey.