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Sri Lanka: Livable Cities Project


Study on Public Space in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

HealthBridge focused on understanding the qualities of the Mount Lavinia beach, a highly successful linear neighbourhood park, in order to provide input into public space policies in Sri Lanka. 

The overall goal was to contribute to the discussion on public spaces currently underway in Sri Lanka, with a particular focus on ensuring that public spaces encouraged a wide range of activities. These included various forms of physical activity, socializing and economic activities. In addition, the study identified attributes that attract a wide range of users of both sexes, different income groups and ages. 


Sri Lanka




Further Details

Efroymson, D, Fernando, U. Public Spaces and Quality of Life: a case study of Mount Lavinia Beach, Sri Lanka, HealthBridge. July 2013. 

Mount Lavinia Public Spaces Project Final Narrative Report (April 2013 to March 2014)