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Parks in Accra, Ghana


HealthBridge’s partner, Mmofra Foundation, is focused on understanding the availability and quality of parks in Accra, Ghana. As in many rapidly growing cities, a number of Accra’s parks are being encroached on by private developers. In addition, little is known about the park situation in the outer divisions of the city, where low-income families live.

Mmofra Foundation is carrying out a study to help start a public conversation on how to protect open spaces and parks for the people. They are identifying, describing, and mapping the available public parks, and conducting a case study to examine the quality of existing public park.  In addition, through our partnership with UN-Habitat, Mmofra has completed two public space pilot projects.


Accra, Ghana



September 2018 to December 2019

Expected Results

Through this project we will increase our understanding of the current open public spaces and park environment.  This will allow us to plan future advocacy campaigns.