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Small animals, big changes – Small animal husbandry to improve mother and child nutrition in rural Bolivia


The diet of the rural people of the Andes is based on tubers and grains and has very low levels of nutrient-dense, animal-source foods (meat, milk, eggs). The result is that dietary fat and various vitamins and minerals are often insufficient. In order to address this in a sustainable manner, HealthBridge is working with the Bolivian NGO CENDA to promote animal husbandry (sheep and chickens) in the Andean zone of the department of Cochabamba. Better animal management will lead to increased availability of animal-source foods, and, if promoted appropriately, this will result in increased consumption of these foods and an improved diet for families.


Cochabamba, Bolivia




Expected Results

In 20 communities improved meat, milk or egg production will lead to increased consumption of the nutrients required to improve health among families in almost 1,000 households.

Further Details

Watch this 2014 project video:

Watch a 2015 video about the project (in Spanish).