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Saving lives of mothers and children in Nepal and Vietnam


 An H'Mong mother and baby in Vietnam.

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life – from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday – is a critical window of time that sets the stage for intellectual and physical development, and lifelong health. The challenge existing in many countries is delivering health services effectively and making them accessible to all mothers and children. Nepal and Vietnam have poorer access to health care, and higher rates of maternal and child mortality than most countries. And in some regions of the two countries the infant mortality rate is twice that of the national average.

HealthBridge will work collaboratively with local governments in Nepal and Vietnam to reduce  maternal and child deaths and illness, by strengthening existing health systems and improve nutrition. We will work directly with local partners to:

  • Increase access to quality health services through training of community and clinical health workers;
  • Improve health facilities, promote care-seeking, and strengthen linkages between the community and the health system;
  •  Increase the engagement of men and family members in supporting the health of women and children
  • Increase capacity of local partners through training and mentoring;
  • Increase knowledge amongst women and men of good nutrition and feeding practices for pregnant women and children under two;
  • Increase access to micronutrient-rich foods and/or supplements for pregnant women and children under two.

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Banke District, Nepal; Son La Province, Vietnam



April 2016 - 2020

Expected Results

  • Improved use of essential health services for women and children from pregnancy to age two (ante-natal care,   skilled birth attendance, post-natal care, thermal/newborn care, DTP3 immunization, oral rehydration salts for diarrhea, care-seeking for pneumonia).
  • Increased consumption of nutritious foods and supplements for women and children from pregnancy to age two (exclusive and early initiation of breastfeeding, appropriate infant and young child feeding practices, iron-folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and Vitamin A supplementation).