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Strengthening political will for tobacco tax reform in Vietnam


This project continues HealthBridge’s ongoing efforts to assist Vietnamese officials to support, develop, adopt, and implement a much stronger tobacco tax policy. Although Vietnam’s comprehensive tobacco control law has been in place since 2013, smoking rates in the country have declined only modestly. The prevalence of smoking among males remains particularly high, at 45.3%. One of the reasons for this lack of real progress is that current national policies on tobacco pricing and taxation, even those newly implemented, are still insufficient and ineffective for reducing tobacco consumption. Vietnam has the third lowest tobacco tax in the region (as a proportion of retail prices); in fact, growing economic prosperity in the country has actually increased tobacco affordability over the past decade. 

The project focuses in particular on increasing political will to enact the necessary tobacco tax reforms. Many decision makers have been reluctant to further increase tobacco taxes. Lack of awareness of the proven benefits of higher taxes, and unjustified concerns about employment and smuggling, have been manipulated by the tobacco industry and fuels its interference in the political process. This project aims to overcome that interference by exposing the industry’s tactics and engaging public support for increased tobacco taxation, which will in turn encourage commitment from policy makers to strengthen the content of the upcoming tobacco excise tax proposal in 2018. HealthBridge’s contribution to the Excise Tax reform process includes providing technical assistance to the Tax Policy Department, engaging the media, developing and disseminating updated and factual communications materials, and building and supporting advocacy networks. 





September 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018

Expected Results

The overall project goal is the National Assembly’s approval of a strong tobacco excise tax law and a roadmap for its enforcement in 2018. Since decision-making in Vietnam is often tied to a top political leader’s personal opinion, HealthBridge will measure the project’s achievement in steps, specifically:

  • Inclusion of an adequately revised Excise Tax law in the proposed law agenda that is submitted to the Government by the Ministry of Finance. 
  • Inclusion of an adequately revised Excise Tax law in the proposed law development agenda that is submitted by the Government to the National Assembly. 
  • Inclusion of an adequately revised Excise Tax law in the law development agenda that is approved by the General National Assembly session in 2018.