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Improving Road Safety in Vietnamese Cities

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Improving Road Safety in Vietnamese Cities



From October 2015 to December 2019, HealthBridge Vietnam worked to support and facilitate the World Resources Institute (WRI), through its WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and EMBARQ urban mobility initiative, to improve road safety in HCMC. As the EMBARQ urban mobility initiative went in to the next round from 2020-2025, Hanoi and HCMC were selected to receive WRI technical assistance in this new phase. HealthBridge has been contracted to work locally in support of safer streets and safer mobility activities.

The overall objective of the project is to significantly improve urban road safety and reduce traffic fatalities in Vietnamese cities by:

  • Supporting ongoing projects in HCM City such as the BRT project
  • Facilitating the road safety audit in HCMC
  • Facilitating a road safety audit in Hanoi Coordinating data collection and obtaining crash data from city agencies in Hanoi
  • Supporting the development and dissemination of a national guidelines on cycling infrastructure and other relevant work with MoC to revise road infrastructure standard and criteria.
Hai wri
HealthBridge staff presenting at first consultation workshop for national bicycle guidelines


Further Details

To date, the project team, with partners, has

  • Launched online training course; organized a training workshop on bicycle infrastructure for HCMC Department of Transport staff;
  • Conducted a Road Safety Inspection and prepared a Recommendation report for 2 intersections and 1 corridor in HCMC;
  • Conducted a Speed Analysis report for Hanoi;
  • Conducted a safe school zone observation for 4 schools in Hanoi;
  • Prepared conceptual design to improve road safety at 4 schools in Hanoi;
  • Organized a workshop on safe street transformation with DOT of Hanoi government;
  • Conducted a walkability and road safety inspection for 5 schools in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi;
  • Developed a findings and recommendations report for 5 schools within 4 wards in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi;
  • Organized a national workshop on green and safe urban infrastructure development, includes safe walking and cycling infrastructure.

These activities are expected to lead to infrastructure improvements and improved safety.


Expected Results

Specific objectives for this project include supporting the national agencies and municipal governments of HCMC and Hanoi to:

  • Improve traffic safety for a BRT project in HCMC
  • Improve traffic safety around school in Hanoi
  • Improve understanding about road safety in HCMC and Hanoi and at the National level
  • Strengthen capacity within concerned local government agencies of HCMC and Hanoi and at the national level
  • Support the development of bicycle guideline by Ministry of Construction (MOC).