Redesigning an Open Street Market in Tan Mai Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam

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The overall goal of the project is to improve the life quality of residents in Tan Mai ward and livelihoods of female vendors through redesigning and improving an open street market. In order to achieve this goal, we will achieve the following objectives:

- Improve the accessibility, inclusiveness, safety, hygiene and sanitation of a street market in Tan Mai ward, Hanoi city.

- Increase the participation of the community and female vendors in designing, improving and maintaining the street market in the ward.

- Increase the awareness and the capacity of local government to organize and manage street markets.


Expected Results

Increased number of street market improvements that could be applied to other street market settings.

Increased access to the street market by priority populations (low-income; women; children; youth; older persons; persons living with disabilities)

Increased number of plans to maintain the street market

Increased number of community members, including women, vendors, people living with disabilities, migrants, and the elderly participating in the street market design process

Increased participation of community street market development

Increased awareness among decision-makers that street markets are an important public space

Increased capacity among ward decision-makers to develop and maintain street market interventions

Increased number of supporting documents for national market strategy