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Dinh Dang Hai

Senior Project Officer, Livable Cities

Vietnam Contact Icon Tel: (84 -24) 3 5119904, ext. 123

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Dinh Dang Hai

Hai Dinh Dang joined HealthBridge in November 2013 as Senior Project Officer of the Livable Cities project. His role includes providing technical assistance to the Vietnamese partners as well as project planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects in Vietnam. Hai is based in Hanoi but he travels frequently to work with HealthBridge’s local partners in Vietnam.

Before joining HealthBridge, Hai worked for over 10 years in environment management for Hanoi city. At Urban Environment Company, he was responsible for planning solid waste management systems, such as waste collection points and transportation routes, as well as for designing solid waste and waste water treatment facilities. From 2011 to 2013 he was a Technical Deputy Director of a clean development mechanism project in landfill gas. Hai also participated in several projects related to renewable energy and sustainable transportation as a project developer and planner.


Technical University of Dresden (TUD)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management, 2008

National University of Civil Engineering
Architect, 1997