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Debra Efroymson

Regional Director

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Debra joined HealthBridge as a consultant in 1995 and later became full-time. In her role as Regional Director she provides support to different programs (livable cities, tobacco control and NCD prevention, and gender and reproductive health). Based in Bangladesh, she works particularly with HealthBridge’s Asian partner organizations. Her work includes research, training, writing and advising organizations in a range of countries. In the last several years she has focused particularly on livable cities, with an emphasis on urban planning and transport policy. 


Harvard School of Public Health 
Master of Science in Population and International Health, 1993. 

Harvard College 
Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature and Language, 1987. Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. 

Tobacco control 

Debra provides technical assistance to the Tobacco Control/NCD Prevention program. In particular, she assists with tobacco control work conducted by WBB Trust (Work for a Better Bangladesh) and HealthBridge Vietnam.

Livable cities

Debra provides technical assistance to Livable Cities projects funded by HealthBridge in Asia and Africa. She is particularly interested in urban planning and transport planning as they relate to public health, well-being and happiness.


Debra supports HealthBridge’s gender program, and is particularly interested in the issue of the economic contribution of women through their unpaid work.


Debra regularly writes for the on-line magazines Sustainable City News ( and Carfree Times (, maintains a blog on the HealthBridge website and for the Institute of Wellbeing in Bangladesh (, and has written and co-written various publications, mostly on tobacco control, gender/reproductive health and livable cities issues.


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