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Le Thi Thu

Tobacco Control and NCD Prevention Program Manager

Tel: (84 -24) 3 5119904, ext. 120

Vietnam Vietnam

Le Thi Thu has worked in HealthBridge's Vietnam office in the areas of Tobacco Control and Nutrition since 2000. After 2005 the scope of her work broadened to include gender, HIV/AIDs, reproductive health and alcohol control, and she managed various intervention and research projects in these areas. She took the lead on conducting research about: the contributions of women through unpaid domestic work, the economics of tobacco use, tobacco tax and price, and now guides much of our research in the area of alcohol control.

Thu graduated from the University of Nature and Science, with a Master of Science in Environmental Science and from the University of Teaching Foreign Language with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language. She previously worked for the Research and Training Center for Community Development (RTCCD), a local NGO, as a researcher and field manager in intervention and research projects related to health systems development and nutrition.


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