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Peter R. Berti

Deputy Director / Nutrition Advisor Peter R. Berti's CV

Tel: (613) 241-3927 ext. 324

Canada Canada

Peter joined HealthBridge in 1998. As Nutrition Advisor he is responsible for ensuring the technical quality of all of HealthBridge’s work in food and nutrition research and programming. Much of his work has been in the Americas (Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil) where he has conducted research and managed programmes in food system research, nutritional assessment and food fortification.  

His current work emphasizes nutrition-sensitive agriculture: the integration of food and nutrition interventions with agriculture interventions. He brings to his work a command of data analysis, which enables novel insight into program evaluation. This includes analyses showing the impact of an integrated nutrition and agriculture intervention in Malawi, the adequacy evaluation of a large-scale World Vision intervention, and the widely cited review of nutrition impacts of agriculture programs

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