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Phaeba Abraham

Regional Manager - South Asia

Tel: (91) 9425293231

India India

Phaeba Abraham joined HealthBridge in January 2008 as Program Officer in India for the Livable Cities Program. Operating from Bhopal, she coordinates with partners to design, implement, and monitor the program.

From October 2003 to November 2006, Phaeba worked with Evangelical Social Action Forum, a leading microfinance institute in India. She was responsible for needs assessment, resource mobilization and implementation of ESAFs’ pioneering work in Northern India, including its Gender Project with HealthBridge. 

Phaeba has travelled throughout Northern India working with different development programs. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Malayalam, her mother tongue, and understands Gujarati and Bengali.

In 2000, Phaeba received a Bachelor of Science degree from Raipur University and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Board of Technical Education Bhopal. In 2003, she obtained a Master of Social Work degree from Raipur University.


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