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Travel Mosquito Nets (circular)


  • $25/net plus shipping  
  • Free shipping on orders of 100 or more nets

Circular NRSP1 net (fits a double bed)

  • Material: 100% polyester multi-filament knitted netting;
  • Denier: 40 (strength);
  • Mesh: 156 (holes per square inch);
  • Height: 250cm;
  • Circumference: 1250cm;
  • Suspension: 1 point suspension with collapsible plastic spring ring, 1 brass ring on top; suspension kit included;
  • Packaging: Rectangular Nylon bag with Velcro closure and plastic clip - length 30cm, width 29 cm;
  • Insecticide treatment: Deltamethrin 15-25 mg/m2;

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