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Purchase our unique pieces of art inspired by the people and landscapes in Son La province, Vietnam, where we work with communities and partners to improve reproductive health and maternal & child health and nutrition. Each piece was created from photographs taken by representatives from the Tenaquip Foundation, a major donor to HealthBridge, during their field visit to our Saving lives of mothers and children in Nepal and Vietnam project site in Son La province. Make a donation to HealthBridge of $500.00 CAD or more to receive a $200 art piece of your choice (and a $300 donation receipt). For more information, contact us.

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Buy insecticide-treated bed nets

When planning a trip to an exotic destination, many people imagine that animals such as lions, crocodiles and bears might pose a major risk. While those animals are known to kill humans – lions kill about 100 people each year – mosquitos kill more than a half million people annually. Bed nets create a physical barrier in your sleeping area and act as a preventative measure against mosquitos and vector-borne diseases such as Malaria.

Insecticide-treated Bed Nets and


Malaria is the most common mosquito-borne disease, accounting for over 1 million annual deaths. Unlike some tropical diseases, there is no vaccine against malaria. While there are antimalarial medications that reduce the risk of infection, the best defense against contracting the disease is to avoid being bitten by mosquitos. Insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) are an important tool to ensure your safety because the type of mosquito that transmits malaria is most active between dusk and dawn, while you sleep.


Insecticide Treated Bed Nets

Bed Nets

While no mosquito net can guarantee you won’t be bitten, nets treated with insecticides can greatly reduce the risk. HealthBridge treated bed nets:

  • Are treated with Deltamethrin and are washable up to 20 times
  • Are safe for children and pregnant women
  • Kill mosquitos on contact, and drive other mosquitos away
  • Kill a wide variety of other insects, including bed bugs and cockroaches
  • Have been sold and trusted since 1998
  • Can be left behind in the country you visited for a local family to use

Proceeds from the sale of every HealthBridge net support health programs that reach vulnerable populations around the world.

A net has a shelf life of around 10 years as long as it remains packed in its plastic bag.


Insecticide-treated Bed Nets

  • $25/net plus shipping
  • Circular NRSP1 net
  • Fits a double bed
  • Material: 100% polyester multi-filament knitted netting
  • Denier: 40 (strength)
  • Mesh: 156 (holes per square inch)
  • Height: 250cm
  • Circumference: 1250cm
  • Suspension: 1 point suspension with collapsible plastic spring ring, 1 brass ring on top; suspension kit included
  • Packaging: Rectangular Nylon bag with Velcro closure and plastic clip - length 30cm, width 29 cm
  • Insecticide treatment: Deltamethrin 15-25 mg/m2

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