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Volunteer Opportunities

There are no opportunities available at this time.

HealthBridge accepts volunteer applications on a rolling basis. Volunteering with HealthBridge offers the opportunity to engage with local and global communities, while fulfilling our mission of improving health and health equity. Volunteer opportunities vary and are based on the ongoing needs of the organization. If you are interested, please please send your CV identifying your areas of interest and how you would like to contribute.


Voluntary Board of Directors

HealthBridge also has a voluntary board of directors and expressions of interest to join the board are accepted on an ongoing basis.

HealthBridge would like to ensure that being a member of the Board is a rewarding and meaningful experience for both HealthBridge and for its members. For this reason, Board members should bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds, including the academic, international development, and business domains, in particular in keeping with HealthBridge’s programme areas. The primary role of Board members is to act in an advisory capacity in their technical area of expertise.

If you are interested, please send your cv and detail your areas of interest as well how you wish to contribute to the organization. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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