HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

Health, Nutrition & Food Security

Global health is slowly improving. Child deaths have been cut in half in the last 15 years, food is more abundant than ever before and new medicines and technologies are continually becoming available. 

However there are still about 7 million children dying per year, 275,000 women dying during pregnancy and millions more people with impaired health and decreased quality of life due to preventable and treatable illness. 

There are still many challenges to improve global health – both in addressing the old enemies such as tropical diseases, malnutrition and AIDS, as well as new threats including neglected diseases, and non-communicable diseases, which are inadequately managed with weak health systems.

One of the ways HealthBridge is part of the global fight against nutrition related health issues is as co-chair of the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) in Vietnam. HealthBridge is part of the global SUN Movement, a coalition of civil society organizations with a shared vision of improving nutrition in Vietnam. The goal of SUN CSA Vietnam is to mobilize civil society organizations and work with the Government and other stakeholders to amplify nutrition as a development priority.

HealthBridge works to improve health by:

  • Researching and supporting work on the ground to develop healthier food systems that address the double burdens of obesity and malnutrition; 
  • Studying health systems to learn how to make them more effective in improving maternal and child health;
  • Using advanced tools, such as geospatial analysis, mobile technologies and advanced statistics, to better understand human health and disease. This enables HealthBridge and its partners to strengthen the implementation of programs to improve health and reduce disease.


The goal of the program is to improve health, nutrition and food security.

What we do

We work with international and local partners in low and middle-income countries.  Our work includes:

  • Supporting healthier food systems in communities in the Andes of South America;
  • Improving agriculture production and the diet of the rural poor in South-east Asia;
  • Reducing child death from diarrheal disease by strengthening health services for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. 


The work of HealthBridge helps to understand and address health problems that face vulnerable populations, including what the key problems are, what works to address those problems, and how to best scale up and expand those interventions that work. The result is more effective programs that improve the health, nutrition and food security of vulnerable populations.