From evidence to action: our work on alcohol control policy in Vietnam

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From evidence to action: our work on alcohol control policy in Vietnam


Le Thi Thu (left) and Pham Thi Hoang Anh (right) with Cristina Parsons Perez, Capacity Development Director of NCD Alliance. The HealthBridge Vietnam staff presented findings from the alcohol control project at the 2016 Global Cancer Congress in Paris.

Findings from our project on alcohol policy in Vietnam will be used in advocacy for the revision of laws planned over the next couple of years by the Vietnamese Government.

The research project, Facilitating Alcohol Control Law Development in Vietnam through Evidence, produced six studies in the following four components:

  1. Review of existing tax and price policies and international best practices on alcohol taxation;
  2. Research on alcohol affordability and the impact of tax increases on alcohol consumption;
  3. Assessment of alcohol advertising and industry strategies in Vietnam, and identification of barriers and challenges for the enforcement of and compliance with current bans on alcohol advertisement and marketing; and,
  4. The opportunity costs of alcohol use.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health has proposed including an alcohol control law in in the 2018 agenda of the National Assembly while the Ministry of Finance plans to revise the Excise Tax Law also in 2018. In order to influence development of the legislation, HealthBridge Vietnam plans to hold consultative meetings and workshops with government officials, partners and the media.