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HealthBridge Partners Compete for Walking Visionary Awards

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HealthBridge Partners Compete for Walking Visionary Awards


The Walk21 Conference series has a vision to create a world where people choose and are able to walk as a way to travel, to be healthy and to relax. From October 20 to 23, people from around the world will visit Vienna, the host city in 2015, to share insights and expertise on how to step ahead and become a walkable city. As part of the conference, the organizers have created the Walking Visionary Awards. These awards highlight new ideas, big and small, for creating walkable, livable communities. The projects submitted for Walking Visionary Award are helping create a global conversation on walking and livable communities. Winners of the Award will receive a free ticket to attend the conference.

Over 200 projects have been submitted to the awards and there are some wonderful ideas and inspiring stories that groups from around the world have shared. HealthBridge partners wanted to be part of the conversation as they also have lots of great ideas to share. Their submissions can be found on the following links:

There is funding for 30 winners and voting is from May 26 to June 16. Check out the Walking Visionary Award website and vote for your favourite projects today!