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Livable Cities wins TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge!

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Livable Cities wins TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge!


HealthBridge’s Livable Cities team in Vietnam, together with the City of Hoi An government, has won the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) Global Urban Mobility Challenge award. The award recognizes a new Livable Cities project that aims to establish a bicycle share program in Hoi An City, Vietnam. The Livable Cities project is one of ten awardees.

The project, “Establishing Comprehensive Bicycle Plan and Free/low-cost Bicycle Sharing Program in Hoi An City, Vietnam”, will improve road safety for cyclists and public health in the city. The project will develop a plan for green, sustainable transportation that focuses on cyclists, who are one of the most vulnerable road users. The project will link existing bike share programs offered by hotels in the city, and create the first public-private partnership in Hoi An.

As a recipient of the TUMI award, the Livable Cities team receives funding, technical training and support from German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The Livable Cities team will also be linked to a global network of ten other TUMI awardees, including organizations from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development launched the first TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge Award in 2017. The Initiative supports activities in the field of sustainable urban mobility. Projects that won the award aim to create accessible transport systems, foster better social inclusion for people in cities, promote healthier and cleaner cities, and mitigate transport-related emissions.