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The City at Eye Level Asia: A new vision for wet markets in Hanoi

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HealthBridge Vietnam's Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha and Stephen Davies from Project for Public Spaces & Place Solutions Group authored a chapter in the book: City at Eye Level Asia, on wet markets in Hanoi:

As a public health NGO, HealthBridge cares deeply about the condition of public wet markets in Hanoi. They provide affordable, fresh and nutritious food to urban residents, especially the poor. In 2011, there was a decision made by the Hanoi government to replace all markets in the inner city with supermarkets and commercial centres, which were considered more ‘modern’. In response, HealthBridge conducted a ‘Save the Markets’ campaign and was successful in overturning the government’s decision. Still, the question remains: what should happen with the 350 wet markets in central Hanoi and surrounding districts? How can you ‘modernise’ these traditional markets while still retaining their authenticity and core reason for being? Leaving them in their current, often decrepit, condition is not an option.

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