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India: Bhopal Livable Cities

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India: Bhopal Livable Cities



Urbanization of India's cities, if not done carefully, will increase not just its population but poverty, food insecurity, air pollution, and reduce health and overall well-being. For the Livable Cities Bhopal Project HealthBridge's partner Caring For India (CFI) works with the city government to advocate for changes to the built environment that will help make life in cities safer, healthier and happier.

The focus of the program is on encouraging open public spaces, such as parks, and creating opportunities for residents, especially those in informal settlements, to participate in urban agriculture. Interventions to increase or improve the quality of public spaces in urban planning has a transformative effect on the lives of individuals and the community. Urban agriculture will help not only to reduce urban poverty and food insecurity but also improve its urban environment. CFI is committed to increasing he number and quality of open spaces and urban agriculture and seeks appropriate policy interventions that will promote these actions in the city of Bhopal.


Expected Results

  • Increased number of safe and accessible public spaces.
  • Increased number of children playing.
  • Increased number of women and girls using public spaces.
  • Increased number of inclusive parks
  • Increased number of people having access to healthy, fresh food.
  • Increased number of public markets building local economies
  • Increased numbers of people who are food secure.